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Mud Dauber

Mud Dauber wasps are not social wasps like paper wasps. They are in a different family.

The adult wasp puts a paralyzed spider or worm in each mud cell, which is built to enclose eggs, larvae and pupae. The mud cells form long clay tubes or large lumps.

The wasps are slender; they are shiny black, brown, orange and yellow. Many have long slender thread waists.

Like carpenter bees, Mud Daubers have no social caste structure. These wasps are not aggressive and will not sting unless pressed or handled, however, they do sting repeatedly.

Mud Daubers place their mud nests in protected places like electric motors, sheds, attics, against house siding and under porch ceilings. The nests are long tubelike structures. They also love soffits and hidden places as well.

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