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Box Elder Bug Pest Control

Box Elder Bug Exterminators

Wisconsin homeowners and businesses know how much of a nuisance Box elder bugs can become when left unaddressed, especially during the late summer, fall, and spring months. If box elder bugs have invaded your property, call The Bee Guy to get them out! We offer comprehensive Box Elder prevention and abatement services throughout Eastern Wisconsin.

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Box Elder Exterminator Services in Wisconsin

The Bee Guy is Wisconsin’s trusted box elder exterminator. Our Box Elder prevention and abatement services are available to homes and businesses throughout Eastern Wisconsin. Our team is ready to help eliminate your box elder infestation, give us a call to get started!

Box Elder Prevention

Box Elder prevention is most effective when treatment is applied in late summer or early fall before the pests have an opportunity to enter your property. Our Box Elder prevention services target potential entry points, such as cracks and crevices around windows, siding, and your foundation, to keep the bugs from entering your home or business in the first place. The treatment is highly effective and guaranteed to keep the pests out for the whole season!

Box Elder Abatement

Box Elder infestations are a major nuisance to homeowners and businesses. Often congregating around door seals, windows, and siding, once they invade your space they can pose a real challenge to remove. Not to worry, The Bee Guy has the experience and expertise to properly exterminate your Box Elder infestation, even if they have already invaded your property. Our box elder abatement process includes:

  • Inspection to identify all infested areas
  • Removal of visible bugs and egg clusters
  • Treatment to eliminate remaining bugs
  • Implementation of preventative measures (if needed) to keep them out

Signs of a Box Elder Infestation

Knowing how to identify a box elder infestation is crucial for timely intervention and effective pest control. Some common signs of a box elder infestation include:

  • Large congregations of black and red-orange bugs on the sunny sides of buildings, trees, and other structures.
  • Box Elders inside your home or business. For every Box Elder you see inside, there are many more you don’t see.
  • Stains and unpleasant odors around door jambs, window seals, or curtains.

If you have a box elder tree on your property, you likely have been dealing with Box Elders every year as the seasons change and they seek refuge. The good news is that with preventive treatment you can easily keep the bugs out. If the box elders have already invaded your home or business this season, call The Bee Guy right away for effective extermination services.


Box elder bugs look like small black and red beetles about half an inch long, which tend to gather in large colonies. During cold winter months, box elder bugs move to warmer environments - like your home or business. Check for them around building foundations and ground-floor windows. Search for cracks and crevices in windows and doors, or surfaces that get a lot of direct sunlight. Also, be sure to check if you have their summertime home (the Boxelder tree) anywhere around you, be on the lookout when it starts to get cold.

Although box elder bugs rarely bite, their feces can stain curtains, clothing, and other materials. So, despite only being a seasonal pest, they can leave a lasting mark that just might reoccur year-after-year if not professionally handled. Don’t wait for Wisconsin to get warmer before you’re free of box elder bugs—contact The Bee Guy for fast results.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

If you have ever used The Bee Guy for your pest infestation, you know you’ve been given the very best service at a fair and honest price. All of our long-time customers testify to the success of our prevention and extermination services for every single one of their pest infestations. We require no monthly contract or long-term service agreement. We have 6 trucks on the road so we offer same day service in many areas. With The Bee Guy, you can’t go wrong!

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