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Spring/Summer Wasp-Hornet Abatement & Prevention

Bald Faced Hornet Abatement & Prevention Services in WI

Wasp-Hornet Abatement and Prevention is a comprehensive inspection for all the structures on the property, such as your house, garage, deck and retaining walls. The treatment will focus on corners, cracks, crevices, soffits, eaves and typical hot spots wasps and hornets love to nest in. Your entire property is GUARANTEED for the whole season until Dec. 31st after just one treatment. The GUARANTEE is for any active nesting of any stinging insect anywhere on the property. If you find an active nest we return free of charge and in a timely manner. We don't lock you into a monthly contract or long term service, you only pay us when you need us. Our clients do not have to be home for us to do the treatment, but we will contact you before we come out. We do these treatments during May, June and July. Call us for a free phone quote for wasp and hornet abatement and prevention services so you can have a safe and enjoyable yard all summer long.

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European Paper Wasp Abatement & Prevention

The Invasive European Paper Wasp is often mistaken for a Yellow Jacket. A closer look reveals it is larger than an average Yellow Jacket and has a much slimmer waist.

The European Paper Wasp is more aggressive than our native species of wasps and should be treated with caution when found. The older species are being displaced and replaced by this new non-native species. They get an earlier start in Spring and have been known to overtake newly built nests and kill the native Queens. Every attempt should be made to limit suitable nest sites. Repair holes in walls, caulk cracks in soffits and eaves, and screen vents and louvers. Nests made early in the season by founding queens are easier to eliminate before workers are produced. Prevention of new nests is the key. The Bee Guy has years of experience keeping bald faced hornets out of your yard our workplace. For more information on the bald faced hornet, learn more here. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us today!

North American Paper Wasp Abatement & Prevention

Paper wasps have a segmented body, a slower flight pattern and dangling legs. They are about 3/4" long and have a slim body.

Paper Wasps prefer nesting in attics but will nest practically anywhere; in eave peaks, behind shutters, under deck railings, in gas grills, swing sets, mailboxes, and light fixtures. Their nests aren't very large and can be tucked into any little nook or cranny. Should you come to fine paper wasps on your property, please contact us today.

Mud Dauber Abatement & PreventionMud Dauber Abatement & Prevention Services in WI

Mud Dauber wasps are not social wasps like paper wasps. They are in a different family. The adult wasp puts a paralyzed spider or worm in each mud cell, which is built to enclose eggs, larvae and pupae. The mud cells form long clay tubes or large lumps. These wasps are slender; they are shiny black, brown, orange and yellow. Many have long slender thread waists. Mud Daubers place their mud nests in protected places like electric motors, sheds, attics, against house siding and under porch ceilings. The nests are long tubelike structures. They also love soffits and hidden places as well.

Should you come to find mud daubers on your property, contact us today!

Yellow Jacket Abatement & Prevention

German Yellow Jackets are often mistaken for bees, due to the fact that they buzz like a bee. They belong to a group of social wasps that cooperate to build and defend their queen and colony. They are also the uninvited guests at picnics who get into soda cans. Aerial Yellow Jackets nest in trees, shrubs, under decks, or high in the eaves, their nest is very visible and easy to identify; a "football" or upside down teardrop-shaped nest constructed from gray paper with a single hole on the bottom. Yellow Jackets actually make this paper themselves by chewing on tiny slivers of wood. The young are hatched and food is stored in the nest's center or "core" of hexagonal (or six-sided) cells. If you find a nest or have experienced constant stinging accidents, please contact us today!

Bald Faced Hornet Abatement & Prevention

Bald-face hornet's nests are entirely exterior -- trees, shrubs, under decks, and high in the eaves. They construct a "football" or upside-down teardrop-shaped nest from gray paper. The young are hatched and food is stored in the center of the nests' hexagonal cells. Hornet nests contain thousands of insects that are extremely aggressive when disturbed. The nests are often located out of reach and removal is best accomplished by a professional pest control firm such as us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

For more information on the different types of wasps and hornets in Wisconsin, visit our pest identification page here.

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