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Fall Pest Control from The Bee Guy

Prevent Asian Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, and Flies from Infesting Your Home This Fall

The Bee Guy handles all bugs and pests no matter what the season! Autumn in Wisconsin tends to bring infestations of Asian beetles, box elder bugs, and stink bugs into your home. Don’t let these pests become a nuisance – call The Bee Guy today to schedule an appointment!

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Box Elder Bug Exterminators


Box elder bugs look like small black and red beetles about half an inch long, and are often clumped together in large colonies. During the cool winter months, box elder bugs are driven into warmer environments, such as a house or heated building. They tend to clump together around building foundations and ground-floor windows.They also love to gather on places where the sun hits and search for cracks and crevices in windows and doors. Although box elder bugs rarely bite, their feces can stain curtains, clothing and other materials. Named after one of their main food sources, the box elder tree, the bugs usually return to their host tree once the weather warms up. Don’t wait for Wisconsin to get warmer before you’re free of box elder bugs—contact The Bee Guy for fast results.


Lady Asian Beetle Extermination


Commonly mistaken for ladybugs, Asian Beetles are common here in the Midwest and can be a huge nuisance to homeowners during the fall and winter months. They congregate on west-facing sides of buildings when the sun heats exposed surfaces, and will crawl through small cracks and crevices to shelter indoors. Unlike native ladybugs, Asian beetles will gather in large numbers and attempt to move indoors for winter. Similar to box elder bugs, Asian beetles will excrete a yellow liquid when crushed or agitated, staining fabric or walls. If they get inside, your only solution is to vacuum them up until they leave for the summer. Prevention in autumn is key to keeping Asian beetles out of your home. Get reliable pest protection from The Bee Guy.


Stink Bug Infestation


The brown marmorated stink bug has become more and more common in Wisconsin in the last few years. They have small brownish bodies, and they produce a horrible smell when they sense danger or get stepped on. In the fall and winter, stink bugs will seek warmth by entering building structures through cracks and crevices. 

When stink bugs find a warm place to stay for the winter (like your home), they emit a pheromone that attracts other stink bugs. Stink bugs don’t reproduce during the winter, bite, eat your food or stain fabrics. However, their presence and smell can be a nuisance. Stink bugs enter through fireplaces, pipes, windows, door frames and siding. Once they’re inside your house, the best way to deal with them is to vacuum them and immediately dispose of the bag so the smell doesn’t linger. Prevent encounters with these pests with pest control and abatement services from The Bee Guy.

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Pest Problems? The Bee Guy Can Help!

If you’re dealing with a bug infestation, don’t try to deal with it yourself – call The Bee Guy for effective prevention and extermination services! We do a crack and crevice treatment focusing on all possible entry points. It does not stain your siding, it dries in about an hour, and poses no danger to pets, people or vegetation.

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If you have ever used The Bee Guy for your pest infestation, you know you’ve been given the very best service at a fair and honest price. All of our long-time customers testify to the success of our prevention and extermination services for every single one of their pest infestations. We require no monthly contract or long-term service agreement. We have 6 trucks on the road so we offer same day service in many areas. With The Bee Guy, you can’t go wrong!

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