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Wisconsin Pest Extermination Services

Flying Insect control, prevention, and extermination

The Bee Guy is Wisconsin’s leading extermination company for flying insect prevention and control. We help Wisconsin homeowners and businesses keep their property safe and free from unwanted guests. Choose The Bee Guy for hassle-free and cost-effective flying insect extermination services and benefit from our same-day service, firm up-front price quotes, and guaranteed results. Contact us to get started.

Box Elder Bug Extermination

Fall Abatement/Prevention for Box Elder Bugs and Asian Beetles

The Bee Guy offers abatement and extermination services for other types of pest infestations, including Asian Beetles, Box Elder Bugs, Spiders, Centipedes, Ants and basically any other insect that wants to spend the winter in your house. There is 4-6 week window for this VERY EFFECTIVE treatment when the insects are looking for a place to “overwinter.” It is a liquid crack and crevice treatment that includes a perimeter treatment. It does not stain your siding. No monthly contract or long term service agreement is necessary. We GUARANTEE all of our work.

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Hornet Nest Removal

Spot Treatment Extermination

This is a one-time treatment to get rid of a nest of bees, wasps, hornets, mud daubers, or yellow jackets on your property. It’s a one-time charge with IMMEDIATE results! The nest is usually dead within a few hours. We GUARANTEE every nest we treat. No monthly contract or long term service agreement is necessary.

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Wasp Nest in Wisconsin

Spring/Summer Wasp-Hornet Abatement/Prevention

This service is a comprehensive inspection of all the structures on the property, including but not limited to the house, garage, deck and retaining walls. The treatment focuses on corners, cracks, crevices, soffits, eaves and typical hot spots. After the one application, your entire property is GUARANTEED until the 1st hard frost. The GUARANTEE is for any active nesting of any stinging insect anywhere on the property. If you find an active nest we return free of charge and in a timely manner. No monthly contract or long-term service agreement is necessary. You do not have to be home for us to do the treatment but we will contact you before we come out. We do these treatments during May, June and July. Call us for a free phone quote for this VERY EFFECTIVE service so you can have a safe and enjoyable yard for the summer.

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No Monthly Contracts, No Additional Costs, and Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’re sure to get the very best in stinging insect pest control services from The Bee Guy! No matter if you need prevention, abatement, or spot treatment extermination, we’ve got you covered – give us a call today or text us at 920-434-9845 to schedule an appointment or for a FREE PHONE QUOTE!

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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

If you have ever used The Bee Guy for your pest infestation, you know you’ve been given the very best service at a fair and honest price. All of our long-time customers testify to the success of our prevention and extermination services for every single one of their pest infestations. We require no monthly contract or long-term service agreement. We have 6 trucks on the road so we offer same day service in many areas. With The Bee Guy, you can’t go wrong!

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If you’re now pest-free because of The Bee Guy, we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to leave us a review and tell us what you thought of our services.

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