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Appleton Hornet, Wasp & Beetle Prevention & Removal

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Pest Control for Appleton Homes and Businesses

The Bee Guy offers effective flying insect pest abatement, prevention and extermination services in Appleton. Our fleet of six trucks ensures same-day pest control.

We respond quickly and give immediate, effective results—no monthly contracts or long-term service agreements are needed. Whether you’re battling yellow jackets, stink bugs, Asian beetles or hornets, we GUARANTEE all of our treatments. When you need quick and effective pest control for your Appleton home or property, call The Bee Guy today.


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Appleton Wasp & Hornet Spring/Summer PreventionMilwaukee Wasp & Hornet Extermination

Fearing a wasp or hornet sting when you go outside is no way to enjoy the summer weather. Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets can be annoying or deadly when they nest in your yard. The Bee Guy offers spring and summer prevention services so you don’t have to worry about another sting. Just one application protects your home effectively for the whole season. If you see another wasp or hornet nest afterward, give The Bee Guy a call. We will return free of charge to remove the pests. We also offer spot treatment extermination for a one-time charge with FAST results.

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Milwaukee “Ladybug” & Box Elder Bug Fall PreventionMilwaukee Ladybug and Box Elder Beetle Infestation Prevention

Ladybugs are cute—when they’re outside. Those little red bugs are most likely Asian lady beetles, the native ladybug’s cousin. Asian lady beetles, stink bugs and box elder bugs look for places to hibernate for the winter, including your Appleton home. Prevention is key to keeping your home pest-free. The Bee Guy offers Appleton residents abatement, extermination and prevention services for Asian beetles, stink bugs, box elder bugs and other pest infestations, including spiders, centipedes, ants and other insects. Prevention treatments are most effective from September to late October before the pests enter the house. Our treatments are effective and will not ruin the interior or exterior of your Appleton home.

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Contact The Bee Guy of Wisconsin for more information on prevention and extermination services or schedule a pest control appointment in Milwaukee.

Expert Pest Control Serving All of Eastern Wisconsin

Dennis Huber, also known as The Bee Guy, is Wisconsin’s leading pest control specialist in bee, wasp, hornet, yellow jacket, beetle and box elder bug control, prevention and extermination. His pest control service area extends throughout Appleton and the entire eastern Wisconsin area, and he’ll be there to help you get rid of your active nest or pest infestation quickly and effectively!

Some of the bug infestations we commonly take care of include:

Paper Wasp
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Bald-Faced Hornet
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Yellow Jacket Exterminators Yellow Jacket Exterminators
Yellow Jacket
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Mud Dauber Identification Mud Dauber Identification
Mud Dauber
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Carpenter Bee identification Carpenter Bee identification
Carpenter Bee
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Mining Bee Exterminators Mining Bee Exterminators
Mining Bee
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Asian Beetle Identification Asian Beetle Identification
Asian Beetle
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Box Elder Bug Exterminators Box Elder Bug Exterminators
Box Elder
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Cluster Fly Exterminators in Wisconsin Cluster Fly Exterminators in Wisconsin
Cluster Fly
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Wisconsin Stink Bug Exterminators Wisconsin Stink Bug Exterminators
Stink Bug
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Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

If you have ever used The Bee Guy for your pest infestation, you know you’ve been given the very best service at a fair and honest price. All of our long-time customers testify to the success of our prevention and extermination services for every single one of their pest infestations. We require no monthly contract or long-term service agreement. We have 6 trucks on the road so we offer same day service in many areas. With The Bee Guy, you can’t go wrong!

Contact The Bee Guy of Wisconsin today to learn more, or to schedule an appointment for pest control.

If you’re now pest-free because of The Bee Guy, we’d love to hear from you! Be sure to leave us a review and tell us what you thought of our services.

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